A Dedicated Voice for Texas Families and Communities

Perla Bojorquez is a proud Texan, a devoted mother, a passionate educator, and an unwavering advocate for small businesses and community development. Her journey, deeply rooted in Fort Worth, Texas, reflects her commitment to the values of hard work, family, and service.

From Paralegal to Community Leader

Perla's career began in the legal field, where as a paralegal she developed a keen understanding of the intricacies of law and justice. Her experience in this role reinforced her belief in fairness and equality, values she carries forward in her public service.

Education and Community Involvement

Her transition to education was driven by a desire to impact future generations. As an educator, Perla has worked tirelessly to ensure that every child has access to quality education and the opportunity to succeed. Her involvement with the Dodge City Chamber of Commerce - Young Professionals and her leadership in Latina Outreach initiatives demonstrate her commitment to empowering the diverse voices of our community.

A Vision for the 93rd District

Perla Bojorquez is running for State Representative in North Fort Worth with a vision to foster a thriving community where families and small businesses can flourish. She understands the unique challenges and opportunities in House District 93, and is dedicated to creating solutions that benefit all.

Commitment to Family and Community

At the heart of Perla's campaign is her belief in the strength of family and community. As a mother and wife, she knows firsthand the challenges families face and the importance of a supportive community network. Her approach to governance is grounded in these core values, ensuring that the voices of families and small business owners are heard.

Join Us in Building a Brighter Future

Perla Bojorquez invites you to join her in working towards a brighter future for the 93rd district. Together, we can ensure quality education for our children, support for our small businesses, and a community that thrives on inclusivity and collaboration.

Let's Work Together